Read better books: September link roundup

Read better books: September link roundup

September usually marks the end of the vacation season and people getting back to their normal working schedule. With the Covid19 pandemic still around, there’s nothing normal in the way the world looks this year. Through September, I’ve tried to focus and read better books. I’ve also got a couple of books as a birthday present from my partner and I’m pretty excited about them!

Bench press vs. flys?

You can tell I’m not missing an article coming from Menno Henselmans. I’ve recently read his article Bench press vs. flys: which is better for the pecs? – Menno, true to his style, debunks data, and a study in this article. Can you guess the results? I’d advise you to check out his article.

I’ve always liked the bench press more than the flys. Despite that, it might be a personal preference and people like different things. That’s totally okay. Why do I like the bench press more? Because I feel more activation with it and I feel I can push more with progressive overload.

The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham

I’ve finished the book and actually wrote a book review of The Intelligent Investor. It is an amazing book. I feel like I’ll be going back to it from time to time, just to refresh a concept or an idea. I hope this book review would help you read better books that are the perfect fit for you.

Despite that the book expects from the reader to have at least some background in finance, it’s definitely worth it. Does it need a refresh with more recent examples? Yes. Does the fact that the book was issued a long time ago makes it outdated? I don’t think so. 

There’s plenty to learn and grasp from reading The Intelligent Investor. Young investors like me can learn quite a lot from it. The concepts and ideas described, the way the author thinks, all of that is purely amazing! You can find The Intelligent Investor available on Amazon.

Spending much on brokerage fees?

In the past month, I realized I did a mistake in choosing to register an Interactive Brokers Pro account. I’ve probably misread it or assumed that the fees described ($10) are fine to me. Last month I got billed $20 of inactivity fee and that shook me a bit, so I had to re-think my strategy.

An interesting article from a financial blogger I follow even before I started investing, suggests a few tips. How much should you spend on brokerage fees? would make you re-think the fees that you’re paying now. Or at least it did that with me. That’s the reason I closed my Interactive Brokers Pro account and will switch to a Lite.

The important difference between good research and bad research

During ironing, I often listen to some podcasts. As Netflix distracts me during that process, podcasts are unusually delightful. This time I was listening to the Squat University’s podcast and Dr. Aaron Horschig was talking with Dr. Andrew Lock. The topic of this episode of the podcast was Core stability, back pain rehab, and Bad research.

I love Squat University’s podcasts as they are always full of interesting info and details. In this episode, Dr. Horschig and Dr. Lock talked broadly about good and bad research, good practices during patient rehab, and most importantly – back pain rehab. Back pain rehab is always a point that many people neglect in their rehab and recovery. 

My advice: go listen to the podcast and educate yourself on the topic. Pain is a choice.

Read better books: Do you research a book before buying or reading it?

Speaking about Squat University, I’ve known for quite some time that Dr. Aaron Horschig has written a book and is working on a second one. Both books promise to contain very well thought and presented physical therapy, sports, and strength info. I’ve never read a book by Dr. Horschig but listened to his podcast and watched the majority of his YouTube videos.

However, I took a brief look over his books and immediately liked the idea of reading them. Since my partner was bugging me for quite some time for my birthday present (I have her, why would I need something else?), I asked for these books. 

The Squat Bible is available on Amazon, while the second book, Rebuilding Milo is currently on pre-order, so that would be good timing for reading both.

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