My current investment portfolio performance

My current investment portfolio performance

I think I haven’t showed you my current investment portfolio performance up until now. At the beginning of 2020, I started my journey to financial independence and that involves investing. I started with creating an emergency fund with 7-8 months of base expenses coverage. As soon as I finished it, I moved to travel and a sinking fund building. My travel fund is almost 90% done, the sinking fund is ramping up as well and I will soon start to invest more money.

I started small, with less than $50.

A popular myth is that you have to have large amounts of money and then start investing. Not that this wouldn’t help, but not many people have that kind of resource available. This is probably one of the biggest reasons people don’t invest – they believe that a small investment wouldn’t matter. Actually, if it’s done right, it can make so much difference in 20 years, that one might be astonished. Still, we’re not here to talk about the 7th world wonder (compound interest).

On the graph below you will see how my holdings are increasing (and sometimes decreasing):

Invested amount in €

The decreasing part is interesting. As in the beginning, my investing strategy was value investing, I poured money on high-value stocks like Apple and Microsoft. Yet I continued to learn, read books and after I spoke with a fellow member of the #debtfree community on Instagram, I changed my mind. This and “The Strategic Dividend Investor” by Daniel Peris have impacted a lot the way I think about my investments. As a result of this, I shifted my strategy and moved to a dividend investing strategy. I knew this will impact my current investment portfolio performance, but I accepted the risk when I started investing in the first place. 

So, I started to sell securities which were not valuable in terms of dividends and shifted my strategy.

As you can see, in some cases this resulted in negative growth of my current investment portfolio. Yet, all of the securities I sold, I sold without losing money thanks to my initial research before I did any of my investments.

Here are all of the companies I invested in:

All shares I have ever purchased and sold.

This month I invested in the $SXR8, which is an iShares S&P500 ETF, which has low taxes and reinvests all of the dividends. As a European citizen, my only access to the S&P500 would be through ETFs and this is the one I picked after more than a month worth of research. Because of this particular investment, I actually put quite a lot of money this month. Still, about 50% of them were money I reinvested from securities I sold last month.

My current portfolio performance

Some of that money came from shares I sold last month on a 100% gain.

These were Carnival Corp. ($CCL), from which I bought 3 shares at a pretty good price. Similar things happened with Microsoft and others which I sold. 

Moving forward, I will continue investing in companies with higher dividend yield and aim to build a passive income out of dividends. My intention is to invest everything as much as I can, up until I grow this income at a level of €150/month from dividends.

Dividends wouldn’t be the only factor in my current investment portfolio performance.

My partner and I plan to buy a property in shape as bad as possible, renovate it and then list it as a rental. Most people would probably avoid this, but we have experience with renovations, so this wouldn’t be so big of an issue. Still, it will help us bring the purchase price as low as possible, respectively the mortgage for it as well. Thanks to all of this, we will maximize our earnings from the property.

How is your investment portfolio performance going?

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