Money and Health: August link roundup

Money and Health: August link roundup

August is usually the month where most of us are not feeling the creative vibe. In Europe, most people just take time off to lay on the beach. Or it might be just me, who knows. Still, during this month I’ve spent some time reading books – actually only one, and mostly on the beach during the weekends, as I’m not into late-night reading lately. Apart from that book, there were countless other articles that I bumped into. Some of them are worthy of a mention, others – not so much. Here’s everything I enjoyed in the month of August on the topics of money and health. 

“The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham is brilliant!

This book is amazing and well written. I started reading it at the beginning of the month, currently at about 55%. I especially enjoy the chapter comments section that follows every chapter. In these comments, financial advisors and finance professionals debunk what Benjamin Graham wrote in the preceding chapter, share their thoughts on it, and explain in detail some specifics of the information covered. If you want to learn how to invest intelligently, explore strategies, and limit your losses, check this book out. I’ll definitely write a book review as soon as finish reading the book. I learned so much up until now, that I’m certain it will help me grow my investing and finance skills.

The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham, available on Amazon

Risks of returning to training: Slow down a bit!

Stronger by Science shared this article – it will help you get a grip on what to do and what to avoid right after getting back to the gym. Some of us have been out of the weight room for quite a bit. It won’t be a bad thing to step aside, think about our approach, and be extra careful when we return to the gym. Coach Jason Eure shares tips and tricks that will help you do it in a safe manner. Being off of it for so long and then jumping right to your old PRs wouldn’t be a good idea as it might lead to injuries. Be careful and listen to professional fitness coaches.

Apple’s stock split

Apple’s stock split is in the news for the past month since it was announced. The topic of stock splits will certainly be new to the inexperienced investors (like me), so there’s a lot to read and learn on it. Marketwatch shared this article with 3 things you need to know about the upcoming Apple stock split. Hint: if you own Apple shares, don’t get scared on Monday as you get a message from your brokerage telling you AAPL fell with 75%. That’s the idea of the stock split – to make the shares more accessible to the investors. You will probably be surprised this is the 5th Apple stock split. If it wasn’t for the stock splits, Apple shares would cost $28 000 today!

Do you need intermittent fasting for optimal health?

Menno Henselmans shared an interesting IG post couple of days ago related to intermittent fasting. I never practiced intermittent fasting myself intentionally, so I can’t share personal experience. However, my partner tried it for a couple of months and it helped her raise her overall health. She works from home (even before the COVID) and does a bit of yoga sometimes –  – making it easy to go overboard on the consumed/burned calories. As she shrank her eating window, she used that change to eat quality and rich nutrient foods, limiting calory intake naturally. That helped her lose weight and overall she felt better. Still, adopting better eating habits gives you similar results. These would be limiting alcohol and foods with added sugar, adding more vegetables, and fruits, meat, and fish. Intermittent fasting wouldn’t help you get shredded if you fill in the eating window with junk food and chocolate cakes. 

Build backlinks to your website

Backlinks will help you grow your blog or website by sharing a link to a content located on your website. They are identified by search engines, which improves your website’s search engine ranking. This article shows 10 ways of building and earning backlinks. Why I’m talking about backlinks here? I want to grow this blog and help others on their own money and health journeys. Without backlinks, that would take significantly more time. Another point is that backlinks are a unique tool that could help you grow your online business, which is why you would need more of them.

I’ve already looked up for other blogs for whom I could be a guest writer, messaged a few of the owners, but no luck so far. I suppose at some point I’ll find someone willing to post something written by me and thus build more backlinks to my site. 

You’ve got a website with some audience and want me as a guest author? Drop a comment down below and I’ll contact you for sure! I would definitely think about something unique and interesting related to both money and health and will get back to you soon.

Personal finance 101: The complete guide to managing your money

This article will be more relatable to the folks out there who are new to managing their finances, but it’s indeed a complete guide. I decided to share it because it’s well written and it’s something I would have been looking for years ago if back then I realized the concept that money could actually be managed easily.

Well, that was it for August in terms of money and health. If you found an article posted here interesting or would like to share something related to one, I strongly encourage you to drop a comment down below!

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