How to enjoy your home workouts more?

How to enjoy your home workouts more?

As the whole world is going through a very rough and turbulent year, our lives are changing on the go. Of course, this changes the way we experience sports. If we’re used to working out 5 times a week, doing so from home might not sound very attractive. So, how to enjoy your home workouts more?

Indoors or outdoors, we’re pretty limited in terms of sports at this point in time. Some of us are used to very specific workouts, training in groups, a coach, or with a heavily loaded barbell. We’re often used to expensive equipment or one that would take too much room than we would spare.

Training schedule

In the past, we’ve had a very strict schedule. We trained before going to the office or after finishing work, but now we live and work at the same place. Usually, this is affecting our minds and mental health in a negative way. 

We feel like our whole life happens between the same walls. Working out at the same place just doesn’t feel right and we don’t feel like having the right mood for a workout very often. In order to enjoy your home workouts more, you need to rebuild your old habit of having a workout schedule

If you used to workout 5 times/week before, then try to stick to it. If you trained in the morning before, then set your alarm 1 hour before your normal wake up time since the lockdown. Taking into account that since the lockdown you haven’t trained, this will give you 1 hour to do it before going to work. The same would be if you are used to workouts after work – just adapt to the new normal.

Music, mood, lights

To enjoy your home workouts more, you basically need to recreate the environment that would make you feel comfortable. This concerns your workout schedule as well – if you’re used to working out Mo-Tu-We, rest for a day, and then Fr-Sa, then do it again. This will help you approach the workout with the same mood.

Do you train with headphones in your ears? Yep, I do too. Then, put on your headphones! Create a new playlist if you are bored with the old one or look at the Spotify playlist of your favorite YouTube athlete. Using a new playlist for a workout always motivates me to push myself harder.

Lights. The gym is not a stage, but it’s usually a well lit up place. If your gym is full of natural light when you’re there, then open the curtains and try to recreate the same at home. With this final touch, you should be as comfortable and in the right mood for a workout as possible.

Training equipment to enjoy your home workouts more?

Not all of us are having space or the budget to accommodate ourselves with all the fitness equipment we use in the gym. In a recent blog post, we’ve talked about fitness equipment on a budget, which you may want to look at. Depending on the available space and budget, you can get whatever makes you comfortable for home workouts.

However, you should also take into account your training goals. If you’re more focused on training heavy, then lookup for dumbbells, a barbell, and weights. If you think it would be enough to keep yourself in shape, then get the bare essentials. Usually, that could be a few resistance bands and a pair of dumbbells.

In all cases, you would probably need to make a compromise here. If it’s not with the money spent on fitness equipment, then it would be with the available space. Just think it through and think about the scenario where you would have the best of both worlds.

The training program

You probably have a program already and now you’re afraid you’ll lose your gains because you don’t have the same equipment at home. Don’t worry, it doesn’t work like that. You will keep your gains for at least a couple of months, even if you train far less than before. If you keep yourself busy with the main muscle groups, that would be just fine.

However, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy your home workouts more, then you would like to pick a program design specifically for the case. In a blog post some time ago I wrote how I chose my training program. All of that is valid in the current conditions. I’m certain that your favorite YouTube or Instagram athlete/coach has uploaded a multitude of home training programs. 

These people are so creative, that they will show you numerous ways to torture yourself to failure with just a pair of dumbbells and few resistance bands. Yes, it wouldn’t be the same as with a heavily loaded barbell, but it would keep you busy for the time being. Yet, most importantly, it would help you to overcome this stressful period of time we live in.

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