How I learn financial literacy

How I learn financial literacy

Nowadays there are sources of information all over the place. The space is literally cluttered with posts, books, scientific documents, and everything we would possibly need. This, of course, doesn’t mean that it’s all quality information. When we’re talking about financial literacy or any other topic, we need to pick our sources very carefully. Why, you may ask. If we’re looking at ways to invest our savings or pay off debt quickly, we may seek a financial professional. It’s the same with everything else: we would be looking for the best professionals in the field. Most of my knowledge of financial literacy comes from books, research, courses, and publications.

Yes, reading non-fiction books might not sound very pleasing, but well-written books exist, if you know where to look at.

In most cases, it’s a lot of trial and error, as it is with everything. I’m reading reviews, synopsizes, and then deciding if the book is worth it or not. Not everything I read is great. It would be the same with you: not every book you read will be the greatest fit for your need. Not every book will contain all of the information you seek on a specific topic. And that’s the beauty of it. If everything was in 1 book at a topic, we would rarely read more than 4-5 books at all.

With financial literacy, I’m currently looking at reviews on Amazon and what the #debtfreecommunity in Instagram is recommending. Book recommendations aren’t that easy, because we all have different field of expertise, different knowledge and expertise. This Instagram community is quite large, there are people with lots of experience and I have learned from these folks quite a lot. This is how I found the last 2 books I read in the past couple of months and I’m quite happy with both of them. I suppose with time, I’ll find more sources of book recommendations and will raise the quality of the books I read.

In the Resources section of my blog, I will link information and write reviews of the financial literacy books I read.

My intention is to do it frequently, so that all of you, my readers, will have access to whatever I was reading lately. I will also share some thoughts on all of the sources I link, write book reviews, and try to be as unbiased as possible. The latest book review I did was on the “The Strategic Dividend Investor” by Daniel Peris.

The book is available in Amazon

Yesterday I finished another book by Sherry, a fellow blogger. The book is called “How to start a blog like a boss” and focuses on how a total newbie could start a blog. It contains an end-to-end thorough guide on everything you would need to start your blog and earn money. I would also do a review of the book in the upcoming days.

What was the last book that you found valuable and worth recommending?

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