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Welcome to my personal diary through health and wealth.

Finance and fitness

I hope my journey helps you find answers and get inspired to live the healthiest and wealthiest life you can.

Hello and Welcome! My name is Adrian and this is my personal space where I share my thoughts and experience on 2 topics which are moving my own world – finance and fitness. I’m not an expert in any of those, but I’ve taken the time to learn, read, and test out strategies in both fields. I approach them with the same level of determination – as both are important about your health and quality of life.

Fitness and my personal journey with it started 3 years ago. During that time I have accumulated a good amount of experience by observing myself and others. As well as learning as much as I can about how to utilize the achievements of modern science. In this space, you can follow my achievements, failures, experience, and growth on my way of reaching my goals: athletic look, more strength, and 10% body fat.

Finance and investing is a topic I was interested in starting back in 2009. Up until recently I never actually put any real money into trading or investing. Towards the end of 2019, I started reading on the topic, following people who invest in the stock market, researching as much as I could. I slowly gained the confidence to put small amounts of my own money in a handful of companies. It is looking good so far!

In this virtual space, I will be sharing my experience, things I’ve learned on the way of reaching my finance and fitness goals, first baby steps in investing, growing my personal portfolio, trying new types of workouts, and more. My goal is to build a second income stream which will help me become more financially stable while also being in the best shape in my life.

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