Book Review: “Start a Blog Like a Boss”, by Sherry – earn a passive income!

Book Review: “Start a Blog Like a Boss”, by Sherry – earn a passive income!

“Start a Blog Like a Boss” is a book for everyone that wants to have a blog, but are totally uncertain what stands behind setting up a blog itself. It is a thorough and complete end-to-end guide for creating a blog. It contains so much information to a level of detail I haven’t seen until now in a guide. The reader will get introduced to everything he or she could possibly imagine in a blog. And the icing of the cake (at least to me): how to monetize it and earn passive income out of it!

The book starts with a guide on picking a name for your blog and creating a branding strategy. You are not going to just get introduced to raw information, but Sherry explains why this is important. 

How often do you read a book claiming to be a guide of something and actually meets that expectation? 

After building your branding strategy, you will get sense of the technical part behind your blog. “Start a Blog Like a Boss” will also teach you how to technically set your domain and host. As a person with lots of technical background, I was surprised that the technical guide was good. It’s well written and explained, so I’m certain everyone would understand it. After the initial setup is ready, the reader will be introduced to the different blogging platforms. This comes with details on the pros and cons of all of them. 

Since the process of setting a blog is quite extensive, a significant part of the book is focused on that part. And I would say it’s very much needed, as most people get overwhelmed on that part. This book will teach you about picking an ad network, which plugins to use and which of them to avoid. There is quite a lot to say about picking up the correct blog theme, which is also deeply covered. 

To me, the icing on the cake for this book is the monetization part and how to earn passive income.

This book will give you insights on different ad networks, how they operate, and some advice on how to pick one. There are also other monetization tips and tricks depending on the niche your is blog targeting. In the use case considered, it’s about fashion and minimalism, but one could draw his or her conclusions for other topics quite easily. “Start a Blog Like a Boss” will offer you a sneak peek into the vast possibilities of passive income through blogging. Site ranking, key phrases, where to place your ads, and how to grow your readership. 

As of conclusion, I very much liked the book. As I started my blog in the past few months, I also had lots of questions on lots of blog-related topics. My intention with my own blog is to build a passive income out of it, so the book taught me a lot. I never thought I will need to write stuff down while reading a guide, but in this case, I did. The book is well written, easy to read and understand and is a complete end-to-end guide. 

In fact, it was so complete guide, that I was expecting advice on content creation.

Still, this book is not about your content, it’s about how to create your blog. And covers this flawlessly. I would recommend this book to everyone who is interested in creating passive income source from a blog.

My personal rating for Start a Blog Like a Boss is 5 out of 5.

This book review is part of a series of upcoming reviews that I’m going to write here. All reviews will be on related topics to finance and fitness. The books and materials I am buying myself and doing my best to review them unbiased. If you would like a review of a specific book related to these two topics, please let me know in the comments below this post.

“Start a Blog Like a Boss”, by Sherry is available on Amazon.

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